Eclipse over Liverpool
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My name is Robert Wright I am a 47year old Photographer.

I have had my work used by the likes of  Performance Bike Magazine, Essar Oil UK(aka Stanlow Oil Refinery), Opitimark Road Racing, Everything Local Magazine(on-going),AJW Wealth Management(, Norton Motorcycle Company, Enbarr Recruitment & Training,  also local newspapers.

For me photography is now a whole new  reason to get out and see the great things that surround us.

I suffer from a type of  Muscular Dystrophy  called CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease) which is a degenerative muscle wasting disease. This affects mainly my legs and arms.

I decided to get back into photography after having major surgery on my left foot in 2013, I was basically told that if I did not have an operation in the next year I would not be walking due to my CMT(Charcot Marie Tooth disease).CMT Information  And that I needed corrective foot surgery. Both my feet now have a total of 17 pieces of titanium in them, of which 10 pieces are screws!

During the 6 month recovery period after that first operation,  I decided that I wanted to get back into taking photo's. So for the next 6 months I basically read as much as I could about photography and camera manuals! 

I did photography at high school and took GCSE photography many years ago, so I already knew the basics, but did not know much about Digital SLR'S and just what they are capable of. So I picked up my first DSLR a Nikon D800  in October 2013 and now all I want to do is go out and take pictures, everywhere I go, I am looking for a picture, a good location, checking my sunrise/sunset app on my phone to see what direction the sunsets or rises.

Its an amazing thing to capture an image that you know is good, better than any drug in my opinion and I have had some pretty decent painkillers over the years lol!! Please enjoy my work and thank you all for looking at my photographs.

Places my work can be seen.

More information about my disability: CMT

Rob Wright

November 2016

I now have my own small photographic studio with the latest lighting system. Watch this space!